Commercial & Marketing Consultant to Medium-size Companies in Creative Business srl

I am one of 3 associates; we all have top managerial experience. The company was founded more than 20 years ago.


Manager in Wines & Spirits Market

1. Campari Spa: Marketing Manager of Wine Sector of the Group (S&M, Terruzzi & Puthod, Chateau Lamargue, Cinzano). I introduced for the first time Customer Relationship Management, fundamental for Horeca customers

2. Sella & Mosca & Zedda Piras Spa: Marketing Director. I launched Mirto of Sardegna with an innovative communication strategy to transform a local liqueur in a national drink

3. Gancia Spa; International Marketing Director: on 2000 New Year (historical date) we won over Martini with a special offer designed by the internal team based on rewarding those consumers who first celebrate the new year


Early experience in Multinational Companies within Household-cleaning product market and Direct Marketing

1. Mira Lanza: Trade Marketing Manager. Member of ECR, the industrial committee for industry and large-scale retail trade, the organisation regulating relationship between those two entities

2. Mondadori: Marketing Manager of New Projects in Direct Marketing (il Club degli Editori)


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